I’m so glad you’re here! Reiki has changed my life and I experience great joy in sharing it with others. Reiki is a unique universal healing energy that has been practiced for thousands of years. This life force energy is guided by its own wisdom and promotes deep relaxation and stress reduction. As blocks are removed from the energetic body, many people experience profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. When coupled with intuitive guidance, this approach can radically shift the course of a person’s life in even broader ways.

True Nature Reiki & Intuitive Guidance offers a variety of Reiki services, intuitive and oracle card readings, and my own signature service called Body Brilliance Channeling. Clients may also customize their experience through add-on services such as movement and yoga therapy, expressive arts, sandtray therapy, astrological guidance, and spiritual coaching packages.

At True Nature Reiki & Intuitive Guidance, my ultimate hope is to help each client experience the deepest truth of who they are, free of shame, trauma, false beliefs, and doubt. I believe this happens by returning home to our truest nature as Light itself. Having Reiki energy flow through the body can certainly support this process and, for many of us, connecting with Mother Earth does too. As our True Nature is mirrored and held by Nature Herself, we begin to know the truth of our being more deeply. While I do offer Reiki and Intuitive guidance indoors, I especially enjoy providing this service in nature settings that are personally intuited for each individual. A deep recognition of ourselves as divine energy is often the result of receiving Reiki in nature. The life force energy of both dissolves our blocks and the abundance that is our birthright begins to flow more freely.

Whether you feel drawn to a single, traditional Reiki session or you’d like to experience something more intensive, feel free to connect and let’s chat about your healing journey. You can reach me by phone, text, email, or simply submit the form below. Both local and remote clients are welcome.

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phone | 832-436-3491
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Santa Fe Design Center
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Krista Highfield is a Reiki Master, intuitive reader, crystal healer, and animal communicator. In addition, she has 30 years of experience as a somatic and energy-based psychotherapist and Transition Coach, which greatly informs her Reiki and intuitive practice. She loves helping people connect deeply with nature, their bodies, spirit guides and ancestors, and their own intuitive wisdom. She’s especially passionate about guiding people through times of major life transition, 


when exiled parts of the self can be retrieved and new parts of the self can feel safe to emerge. Krista has found that adding Reiki and intuitive guidance to this rite of passage can greatly deepen and accelerate this journey. Central to all of her work is the retrieval and cultivation of the Divine Feminine within. Therefore, Krista draws from a broad range of approaches that support this experience in each of her clients. She believes this is vital to the healing of individuals, communities, the earth, and the world at large. Krista offers a variety of customized programs and retreats, both nationally and internationally.



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